Muckle Flugga

Northern Most Rocks and Lighthouse in the British Isles..........

Hogmanay 1982 I spent in Unst, Shetland celebrating my 15th birthday.

In the early hours of January 1st 1983 I went 'first footing' to the shore station of Muckle Flugga Lighthouse....and met one of the off duty keepers who passed on these photos, many anecdotes and a new taste for rum........many thanks wherever you are.

Muckle Flugga is one of a group of seastacks that makeup the most northerly bits of rock in the British Isles....there's no land north of here until you start heading south again !!! .....Probably the island of Ostrov Vrangelya (NW of the Bering Strait) or there you can imagine the weather and seas can get pretty fierce..

The Lighthouse was built in 1858 by Thomas Stevenson for the 'Northern Lighthouse Board and was manned up until very recently.

Thomas's son was the famous Robert Louis Stevenson and some claim his 'Treasure Island' was based loosely on the Island of Unst........

I wasn't able to see the Lighthouse on my first visit, but I returned to Unst with my wife on our honeymoon. We walked the three or so miles across 'Hermaness' to see the Stacks, the Light and the seabirds, a truly fantastic though eerie spectacle that I shall not forget in a hurry..

All operational Lighthouses within Scotland are Administrated by the Northern Lighthouse Commission



'Unst' of the Shetland Isles..


A Closeup of the Island's North End.


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